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Tour & Taxis

Brussels, Belgium

Located in the heart of Brussels and Europe, Tour & Taxis is over a hundred years old one-of-a-kind venue that attracts thousands of visitors yearly. The exhibition area is comprised of several large warehouses that were redeveloped into exhibition grounds and event spaces. The venue is accessible by bike, foot and car, and is easy to reach in the centre of Brussels.  The Royal Depot of Tour & Taxis has an indoor area of 57,000 m² while the four exhibition Sheds cover some additional 17,410 m² separated into 7 rooms and halls. The entire construction blends 19-century architecture with modern facilities that can easily accommodate any type of event. Today, the space welcomes visitors from many countries for large cultural events, exhibitions, conferences, shows and more. Some of the most notable events include the Brussels Design Market, BRAFA Art Fair, Couleur Café, Art Brussels and more.

Part of the venue, Gare Maritime, is currently being redeveloped by Extensa - the property development company that refurbished the premises. Previously a freight station, the additional 40,000 m² of space will include workspaces, food halls, event hubs and outdoor gardens. The new grounds will utilise geothermal energy and repurposed materials such as wood and stone from the old building. This additional space will add some 2,000 people to the total capacity of the fairgrounds.

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